Case Study: Kenneth Cole and Power of Fantasy

The Theridion blog is meant to inform. Occasionally we’ll examine a case study and analyze the success and failures of the campaigns.  Our inaugural case study will be  Kenneth Cole’s recent social media debacle. If you don’t remember, Egypt is going through political turmoil, and social media is playing a huge role in the spread of information.

Kenneth Cole's #Cairo Tweet Angers the Internet

The Setup Embedded in a blog somewhere, on simply surfing YouTube, you might come across a video that appears to be made by a medical firm that has the power to change people’s lives, that can do more for patients than what you think is possible.

Facebook Checks In

This week Facebook introduced Facebook Places. Places is similar to current check in social networks, FourSquare and Gowalla. Whenever you arrive at a new location, like your favorite coffee shop or bar, you “check in” and let your network know where you are.

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