What We Do

Signature Solutions

Our Signature Solutions focus on building the foundation for a strong, socially integrated web presence. We empower our clients to use social media and other online marketing platforms to reach new users and prospects, educate and gather supporters, collect feedback, provide customer support, make important announcements, and creatively engage their target audience with high-quality content, exclusive updates, contests and promotions, and loyalty programs.

Social Strategy & Interactive Media Branding

Consumers today expect companies to have a brand presence on the social web. We create marketing strategies for brands and companies using social media, web and mobile platforms, email marketing, online advertising, and offline event integration. We specialize in developing sustainable online communities and cost-effective creative campaigns.

Key Benefits:

  • Targeted exposure to a large, engaged audience
  • Built-in audience segmentation
  • Access free advertising via your customers’ social graphs
  • Social outposts increase SEO and web traffic

Online PR & Reputation Management

Online PR

In our view, all press is good press. We have relationships with key social media, tech, and lifestyle publications with whom we work to generate media coverage for our clients. We collaborate with influencers, bloggers and journalists to develop the appropriate story angle for each publication and platform. While we cannot guarantee specific placement, we maintain a good track record by matching the story to the right channel and writer.

Key Benefits:

  • Access a network of online publications, bloggers, journalists, and influencers
  • Share your brand’s story with a broad audience
  • Links can be updated, can go where newspaper articles can’t, and are always safely archived and accessible
  • Online press coverage = social media and search engine currency

Reputation Management

Reputation management online is made up of four key components: proactive content publication, community management, 24-hour brand monitoring, and rapid response to crisis situations. We protect your brand and build trust by providing search engines with reliable content and addressing customer issues quickly and squarely.

Key Benefits:

  • Strategically define your brand image
  • Protect your brand reputation against malicious attacks and capricious customers

Socially Integrated Web Design & Development

Your website is your home base on the web. In order to maximize engagement, traction, and conversions, your site should be intelligently connected to all components of your web presence. Our experienced web developers and designers create highly functional websites that combine style and innovation with a social edge. Whether you need an e-commerce website, a slick new blog, or a branded microsite, we’ve got you covered.

Key Benefits:

  • Make a positive, lasting impression on website visitors
  • State-of-the-art analytics and conversion tracking baked in
  • Respect visitors’ content consumption preferences and increase conversions: provide social options on your website
  • Investing all social traffic in one site contributes to a stable, high-ranking SERP

Web-Optimized Video Production

One of the most precious commodities online is attention. Whether you need to communicate your core brand message, explain how to use a new product, or launch a creative campaign, web-optimized video is the best way to capture and keep your audience’s attention and deliver a lot of information in a short span of time. Our full-service video production experts’ fresh, clean style and professional approach guide projects from concept to final product on time and within budget.

Key Benefits:

  • Communicate concepts in a format that is fast, easy, and shareable
  • Great for introducing new companies, products, and services
  • Dramatically increase your potential audience